From just $20 bn in 2015 to a staggering $84 bn in 2021, the Indian e-commerce industry has come a long way. Further, it is expected to be a $188 bn giant by 2025!

Moreover, the industry as a whole has evolved, and today country's tens of thousands of e-commerce players use the latest tech and data practices to keep their customers coming back for more.

With millions of orders placed across marketplaces and D2C sites, the opportunity in Indian e-commerce space is immense. It would be apt to say that Indian e-comm journey has just begun. Rapid urbanization, data affordability, and consumer demand will catapult the growth further.

With ever-increasing adoption of e-commerce, it's becoming more important to offer a seamless experience to shoppers.

Having the widest range of products at the most cost affordable pricing is good, but not enough. Consumers now want to purchase from sites that are customer-centric, value-driven, offer the option to buy now pay later, and provide an amazing delivery experience.

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) = Shopper's ❤️

The evolution of the retail payment experience is changing the cost of buying online. One of the trickiest parts of designing a shopping cart is making sure it's intuitive and seamless. Sites that provide simple navigation and clear instructions have a better conversion rate than those requiring users to scroll endlessly.

Why is BNPL selling hot?

​​Let’s be pragmatic here. If your site lacks a payment gateway that buyers can use, there is a high possibility they will drop the purchase.

Moreover, amidst rising security concerns more shoppers avoid entering card details on every site they shop from, and that’s where their preference goes to friendly payment methods. And that’s where BNPL comes into the bigger picture!

Multiple payment platforms have emerged with attractive features and offers. Ease of use is one of the most important factors, followed by the convenience factor. 

Sezzle makes it effortless for merchants to sell goods and services online and gives buyers the confidence they need when shopping.

BNPL with Sezzle - Your shoppers will want it!

Sezzle has changed the way people shop online and continues to improve the access to financial services.

Sezzle's Buy Now, Pay Later solution enables merchants to provide an incredible experience to customers. In simple words, Sezzle is financial freedom for the next generation.

With the coverage of 750+ brands across India and 40,000+ stores globally, Sezzle allows shoppers to shop at their favourite brands with 0 interest.

Merchants can partner with Sezzle to increase sales with zero risk to reach their target audience.

Amazing Delivery Experience = 😃 Shoppers

Let’s paint a picture.

Your customer visited your online store, added items in their cart, chose one of the many payment options, and checked out successfully!

Already sounds like a win, doesn't it? 

Maybe not.

The post-purchase journey of your customer has only begun, and there are a million ways it can go wrong.

Lack of real-time track & trace option coupled with vaguely estimated delivery dates (EDDs) makes shipping and order fulfillment major pain point for e-commerce in India.

A reliable and solid shipping experience is crucial for customer retention and satisfaction. Otherwise, the stranger that purchased from you may not become a recurring shopper. Online businesses should put a premium on making the shipping experience more customer-friendly. Make transparency a must for order shipping so that online shoppers are never left guessing where their order went. Sending real-time status updates to your customers and having responsive customer service can go a long way in building brand loyalty.

The Way Forward - How ClickPost helps deliver an amazing shipping experience?

E-commerce businesses already have too much on their plates. Adding logistics to the mix can be a little nerve-wracking. That's why tying up with a logistics intelligence platform like ClickPost can help. There are over 37 manual actions in e-commerce logistics that ClickPost automates! 

This SaaS platform automates order status updates through a branded tracking page. Their dedicated NDR Management (Non-Delivery Report) feature has successfully brought down failed delivery percentage or RTO (Return-to-Origin) to an impressive 25%.

ClickPost enables businesses to manage fake delivery attempts and take immediate action for shipments stuck in transit. This easy-to-use single interface dashboard lets entrepreneurs manage orders from all marketplaces, show accurate EDDs on their product review page, and manage returns, refunds, or cancellations.

What we are trying to say is, having an amazing e-commerce store is awesome, but if you can't get orders to your customers in time, then what is the point?

Having a robust delivery system can be the differentiating factor for your business. Shipping is not an afterthought, it is a priority for an online business. Treat it as such and you will be sailing smoothly through the sea of online retail.

Conclusion 🎯

In a world of fast-moving products, consumers will connect with brands that deliver timely and provide high-quality services.

Treat your customers as you would like to be treated!

Don’t be afraid to leave any mark. The experience that your customers have is forever remembered.

It is important to keep in mind that the key to customer retention is to minimise churn, drive loyalty, and turn your customers into your biggest brand advocates.

Remember to delight them, to put that “Wow” in their experience, knowledge and imagination!

As platforms grow and mature, they will connect merchants and consumers on a much broader scale, eventually revolutionizing Indian retail to achieve greater scale, authenticity, transparency and efficiency.

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